Writing Workshop with Carrie Newcomer

The Beautiful Not Yet: Living with Hope in Hard Times
February 24

Carrie Newcomer
1-4:00 pm
Writing workshop on Sun., Feb. 24
$20 per person. Limit of 30 workshop participants.
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The Beautiful Not Yet: Living with Hope in Hard Times

Facilitated by Carrie Newcomer (Musician/ Poet/ Educator)

“ Hope is holding in creative tension, everything that is, with all that could and should be, and each day taking action to lessen the distance between the two”  Parker J. Palmer.

This mini-retreat led by Grammy winning singer songwriter, Carrie Newcomer, will explore maintaining hope and our ability to envision during times of individual and community challenge.  Carrie will use music, poetry, reflective writing, small and large group conversation to explore the personal stories and practices that keep us resilient and help us to stay centered in daily, faithful, and life-giving action.  Participants will consider the things that have helped them maintain hope in the past as well as ponder if those things are still available to us, and if so how do we access them. This retreat will be conducted in a safe, fun and respectful atmosphere.  No previous experience with creative art forms is necessary.

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Also available a concert with Carrie Newcomer and Gary Walters on Feb 23